UPDATE: Nashville Beauty Girl

I love when my clients make big changes…because then I get to do a blog post and UPDATE you all on what is new in their life. I am going to start trying to do this more often to keep everyone in the loop. So here is my very first UPDATE post.

SOOOO…I am sure you guys all remember my girl Keri from Nashville Beauty Girl. She is the AH-MA-ZING and talented lady who takes care of all my beauty needs at Elan in Green Hills.

Check out the post of her OLD place HERE.

But let’s not spend too much time there…because this girl has up and moved. Where you say??? Well the CITY of course 🙂 Which…let’s face it…was her true calling all along!!

Not only has she moved to the city…but she has her very own column in THE TENNESSEAN!!! Move over Carrie Bradshaw…


Nashville has it’s very own Keri!!


Now let’s talk about this girls new place! She bought a space in the ICON…a FABO new high rise located in the Gulch. If you haven’t been down to the Gulch…I highly reccomend checking it out! Great restuarants, shops, housing and close to downtown! Now…this is DEF a city girl…but not so much a modern girl when it comes to interiors. She likes warm, and in her words, YUMMY spaces. So that is what we created. A cool, modern condo turned warm, french, comfy with a little GLAM thrown in (you KNOW I love me some glam 😉

When she bought the condo is was basically a clean canvas…and VERY open! See below…

Photo 2

Photo 1

So the first thing we needed to do was get her a ROOM! We had them build out a wall with a door to seperate the living room from the bedroom. This was totally a MUST for her. Even though she was living in a small space she still wanted the seperation…so up the wall went…with her very own bedroom door 🙂


Isn’t that SO much better?!?!? And PS – who is LOVING her vintage mirror above the bookshelf besides me?? Isn’t is GORG?!?!

The next thing we did was overhaul the kitchen. GOAL – biggest impact for smallest amount of money. The original kitchen was just a little too modern for my girl…

Screen Shot 2012-07-17 at 2.34.32 PM

See what I mean? And YES…that red island was exactly what they had in there. So out it went, along with the pendants and cabinet hardware. With just these few changes we transformed her kitchen into this…


New island


New cabinet hardware


New pendants

Here is what we used to make this happen:

Koch pres copy
{1} – A custom island from Tim Nance…my FABO furniture guy!! I mean it…he is the BEST!

{2} – Island Knobs came from Anthropologie

{3} – Visual Comfort pendants

{4} – My go to source for inexpensive hardware – My Knobs – is where I found her perimeter cabinet hardware


And the last thing we did was paint the doors BLACK!!! We chose Tricorn Black from Sherwin Williams and it turned out lovely!!

Screen Shot 2012-07-17 at 3.28.02 PM
**See above pic of island for application

So there you go!! Keri’s new pad!! Stay tuned for more updates! Her bathroom, balcony and the rest of the lighting is still to come!

Happy Tuesday everyone.




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