Turkey Burn

SOOO…in preperation for today we had a Turkey Burn at the YMCA yesterday morning at 6AM. Three of the spin instructors decided to get together and teach a TWO hour spin class…and YES…I participated!! Needed to burn off some of the DELICIOUS calories I am about to eat!!! And this morning as I was CRAWLING out of the backseat of the car at the Farm (ohhh yes…SO SORE) it got me thinking about how great it would be to one day have a HOME GYM!! SOOO…here are a few of my favorites I have found!

#1 thing you need for a GREAT home gym…an AMAZING view!!!


Can we say YES PLEASE?!?!?! And a few more of my FAVS…





BUT…if you don’t have a view…you can always make one!


Or put up a little motivation for yourself…


And with every gym…you need MIRRORS!


Love the brick in this one. For some reason this makes me think of the studio in Girls Just Want to Have Fun…you know…the movie with SJP when she was like 16??? Anyone??? No????? OK…moving on 🙂


Mirror are also good for small space because it makes them look so much larger!

And last but not least…the coolest home gym I have seen in quite a while…


Not really sure I would want it right outside my bedroom…but still a cool look!

And just to share a little motivation for us all to get out there and burn off those calories we eat today…here is mine…


WELLLLLLLL…Mema and Mom are in the kitchen cooking,

Photo 1

the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is on the TV,


with the boys watching it

Photo 3

and the rest of the FABO family is on the way to the Farm

Photo 4

It is THANKSGIVING!!! Can’t wait to hit the deer stand this afternoon!!! I hope you all have a WONDERFUL Turkey Day!! Gobble, Gobble ;))


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