Top 10 Reasons for Slipcovers

Well you always have to have ONE rainy day at the beach…and the timing couldn’t be better…because I have been wanting to share some ideas on slipcovers. NOW…to be perfectly honest…I have never really liked the idea of slipcovers…but they have become all the rage lately and so I figured I should give them a second chance. SO glad I did…because I found some GREAT ones out there!!! AND…there are actually some great, FUNCTIONAL reasons for having slipcovers!

The TOP 10 reasons to have slipcovers…

#10 – Covering up Mema’s fabric:

Cover up granny
We all know you can’t get RID of the piece of furniture…and of course since it is our Mema’s we don’t WANT to get rid of the piece…but that FABRIC…is just NOT pretty! So what do you do??? SLIPCOVER it!!

#9 – Soften a room:

Soften stone floor
When you have harsh surfaces…like stone floors and plaster walls…adding fabric can not only soften the look of the room…but also soften the SOUND of the room as well! Echos are not usually the effect we strive for when creating living spaces.

#8 – Protection:

Protect furn
This is such a great function for slipcovers. When buying expensive furniture you want it to last and look nice…for more than just the first year. Slipcovers can help protect your furniture against every day wear and tear…and of course the occasional accident! They are great for dining room furniture like what is show above because you can take them off and throw them in the washer! **SIMPLE TIP: cover them in outdoor fabric (they are so many good looking ones out there now)…it adds to the durability!

#7 – Add some color:

Added color
Color can sometime be scary…and hard to sell because people grow tired of color so easily. Adding the color in a slipcovered chair…like what is shown shown above…is a GREAT solution to the problem. You can always take this off or change it out if you get tired of it. Also, making the larger piece a neutral color (white sofa) always makes things easier when you decide you want a different look for the room.

#6 – Achieving the shabby chic look:

Shabby chic
And the look is VERY “in” right now!! The soft lines, neutral tones, feminine qualities…we are seeing it EVERYWHERE!!!

#5 – Give a little detail:

Add detail
Add some detail to a piece and spice things up! I just love this chair and ottoman combo…and it is all about the details! The tufted buttons create something unique to this otherwise simple white chair. Add the lumbar pillow with a tiny, soft-pleat…and pair it with a slipcovered ottoman with that same tiny, soft-pleat…and you have just created one great looking set!!

#4 – Create something new:

Protect chr and otto
Here is a great way to take two COMPLETELY different pieces and bring them together! With slipcovers, what is underneath doesn’t matter…and this makes bringing two pieces together into one room VERY easy!! Making matching slipcovers make these two pieces look like they belong together…even though one might be his…and one might be yours!


Create new from set
When you have a set of chairs…and want to break up the set…add slipcovers!! I like to think that part of good design is taking different pieces…and making them all work together. Anyone can take a living room set or a dining room set or a bedroom set and make it look like it all belongs together…but it takes a good eye to bring all kinds of different pieces together in one room and make it look good…and YOU can do it too!!! **SIMPLE TIP: slipcover the host and hostess chairs to make them not match the set! This slipcover from Pottery Barn  is a great affordable way to do it!

#3 – Cover up plumbing:

Slipcover sink
I love old houses…but sometimes the old is not necessarily pretty! This can also be an EASY fix!! Unwanted plumbing under an old sink…SLIPCOVER it!! This can also give you some extra storage in small spaces like powder rooms!

#2 – Changeability:

This is probably one of my favorite ones!! When I was growing up…I was ALWAYS changing my room around. Mom would come home and find every piece of my furniture was in a different location! I was never one to have something in the same spot for too long 🙂 So for those with children…this is a great way to take something from birth…and then send off with them when they move out!

Baby headboard
Slipcovered HEADBOARDS!!! Good for children’s rooms…

Teenage headboard
Teenage rooms…

Adult headboard
AND adult rooms! I just love the fact that you can take one piece…and have it for SOOO many years!!!!

And last but not least…

#1 – Easy clean up:

Easy clean up
For all you parents out there (or for that matter animal lovers)…this is a MUST for all of you! Slipcovers make clean up SO easy!!! From animal hair to sippy cup spills…these can take the stress out of accidents and every day messes! Take it from me…

the Interior Designer who loves cats…

Screen shot 2010-09-26 at 2.38.31 PM

and the newly acclaimed “Mant Mamie”…

Slipcovers are a GREAT thing!!!!

Well…it has stopped raining and the FAM is headed back to the BEACH!!! Hope you all have a GREAT day!!!


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