Sconce Love

First…I would just like to apologize for the lack of posting lately. Apparently this is what having a baby will do to you! No time for anything except feeding, changing diapers, rocking, swinging, etc (and no…I didn’t mention sleep in there did I??) BUT…I have hired a nanny so back to the land of the […]

Simplified Team Update!

Recycled Living - Container House

Wow, it is already almost April! How in the world did that happen? The Simplified team has been as busy as ever! The Memphis office is still under construction, BUT there will be pictures up as soon as it is done. Very exciting! Maddie’s little boy Waylon decided he wanted to make his appearance six […]

Memphis Luncheon

  HOLY COW!!! I just had lunch today with some amazing ladies…at this new restaurant in Memphis called Acre. Can I please tell you how FANTABULOUS this place is?!?!!? So great that I kept taking pictures in the middle of the convos and eating…just so I could share with all you wonderful people 🙂 Check […]

UPDATE: Nashville Beauty Girl

I love when my clients make big changes…because then I get to do a blog post and UPDATE you all on what is new in their life. I am going to start trying to do this more often to keep everyone in the loop. So here is my very first UPDATE post. SOOOO…I am sure […]

Euro Trash

OK…who has seen the latest House Beautiful???? I mean…LOVE it!!!! And the best thing in this issue was DEFINITELY Annie Brahler’s home in Jacksonville, Illinois. Check this place OUT!!! Yes that is a rug from LOWE’S!!! I know right?!?! I love the GLAM going on in this room! I am loving this periwinkle she is […]


OHHHHH yes! I just LOVEST this new show. Now I don’t actually get to watch it on TV…but thank GOODNESS for Hulu 🙂 This is the ONLY way I get to watch TV shows…and it is usually on my Sunday afternoons!! As I was catching up last night (yes I did watch about 5 episodes […]

Made Goods

If you haven’t heard of them yet…go check them OUT! They are seriously putting out some AMAZING stuff!!! Lighting, mirrors, furniture, accessories…they are making it all peeps 🙂 Here are some of my FAVS… Florence Sebastian Zelda Agatha Side Table Cole Stool Henry Joelle Osten Three stool finishes…with ALL of these top selections?!?!?!? Please AND […]

Black, White and Anything Warm

It is confession time…I am OBSESSED with Pinterest… I know…it has been around for a while…but SERIOUSLY…I get on it ALLLLLL the time!!! My poor boyfriend can probably tell you just how annoying it really is haha! It’s just so darn GENIUS!!! A place to keep ALL my pics and ALL my inspiration…YES PLEASE! So…as […]

Brass Obsessions

I have lately found myself loving everything BRASS!!!! I keep looking at spaces and thinking “This needs a little glam! Let’s add some BRASS!” Soooo now I find myself looking for it ALLLLLLLL the time. Everything I am pinning has a brass accent or detail on it…or if it is a room…it has brass somewhere […]

These are a few of my favorite things…

YEP…it IS the 24th people!!! And once again I can’t BELIEVE it got here so FAST! The presents are out, the car is packed and I am ready to spend this Christmas with my friends and family who mean so much to me! ANNNNDDDD to celebrate this wonderful holiday season with all of you…I have […]