Master Bedroom Addition

Hey Guys it been a while. Let me fill you in on what I have been up to lately….besides loving on my munchkin 🙂 My father has been dealing with MS for many years and recently it has become hard for him to function in my parents two story home.  We have been brainstorming about […]

Military Inspired Home Decor

In light of Memorial Day I thought I would highlight some beautifully designed military inspired home decor.  The clean lines and durable materials make these items extremely practical as they were built for war, made to withstand some of the most harsh conditions and will definitely be able to take a beating in your home. […]

Recycled Living!

Recycled Living - Container House

Over the years people have pushed the limits of what can be a residence. Depending on the region, climate, materials available, etc. residential housing can come in many shapes and forms. Especially in the last few years, designers have gone above and beyond to create something not only special, but that is re-purposed, recycled, or […]

Tree House Fun

Tree House Fun

With the recent additions to our family’s I cant help but think about all of the fun design projects that are in our futures.  The idea of a tree house is something that I can not shake! I find myself staring at the lone tree in my backyard daydreaming about ways that I can transform […]

Simple Interior Design tips for 2014!

Simple Interior Design tips for 2014

Hello friends! The Simplified team has been doing our best to show you all of the amazing trends for 2014. We want you to stay happy and current! 🙂 In this post I want to talk a little more about simple tips you can do to your home. Since some of the trends consist of […]

Spring 2014 Interior Design Trends

Spring 2014 Interior Design Trends

Spring is here and now more than ever people feel the need to make some changes in their homes.  This beautiful time of year comes with some beautiful new fabric patterns, furniture designs, accessories and fresh color schemes.  What better way to see the new spring trends than to look at whats going on at […]

Simplified Team Update!

Recycled Living - Container House

Wow, it is already almost April! How in the world did that happen? The Simplified team has been as busy as ever! The Memphis office is still under construction, BUT there will be pictures up as soon as it is done. Very exciting! Maddie’s little boy Waylon decided he wanted to make his appearance six […]

Juan Carlos unveils his plans for The Pyramid House

Juan Carlos Ramos - Pyramid House

Architect Juan Carlos Ramos designed the “Pyramid House” for a design competition. The idea is finding successful design that is based on simple geometry. The residential project consists of triangular glass walls and a mostly open floor plan. This project is a wonderful example of how ancient building typology can be applied to modern day […]

Simplified Interior Design Update: Atlanta Flea Market, Memphis Office Update and More

Simplified - Office Update

Hey Everyone! We have had a BUSY  February! This past weekend the Simplified Team had the opportunity to share a booth with Build Smart Partners at the Williamson County Home show!  While we were there we were able to meet TONS of new faces from homeowners looking to update or build to other professionals in home building […]

2014 Interior Design Trends

Just like in Fashion, Interior Design has trends that come and go. Every year most major Interior design magazines highlight what they predict will be trending this year, and hopefully for years to come. I decided to read through a few of my favorite interior design magazines and highlight some of the 2014 trends that […]