Simplified Interior Design

Well…it is OFFICIAL! I am a proud OWNER of a company…business license and all 🙂

And with it comes all these scared, excited, nervous and happy feelings…ALL AT THE SAME TIME! I think I feel every single one of these emotions each day (and this is only day two)!

But I am very happy to announce Simplified is open for business. So that’s right guys…send this blog to all your friends and family because I am pretty sure that I am going to need some more clients to go along with this new found adventure I am taking on!!

I am sure you guys have all noticed I have a new look to my blog. I thought since I went and got a license and everything I miiiiight need to have someone make it look a LITTLE more professional 😉 I used a FABO guy named Lellon Soenksen. Contact me if you want his info…he is GREAT!

I hope everyone is having a great Tuesday!




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