Sconce Love

First…I would just like to apologize for the lack of posting lately. Apparently this is what having a baby will do to you! No time for anything except feeding, changing diapers, rocking, swinging, etc (and no…I didn’t mention sleep in there did I??)

BUT…I have hired a nanny so back to the land of the living I come!!! After my last trip to a job site I decided it was time. There I was in a house that just barely had drywall up at 12:30pm during the middle of the summer. Here is a picture for you…I am sweating, Eli is sweating, I am trying to feed him while holding a tape measure up and talking about where light fixtures and plumbing go. Needless to say…that is where taking him to job sites with me ended.

WAIT…I lied. I did take him one more time but I was a little smarter and brought Sienna. So they sat in the air conditioned car while I talked vanities 🙂

While I am actually much more sad about this than I thought I would be…as you can see I needed the help if I ever wanted to get back to work!

And that being said…this post is going to be short and sweet.

I have learned over the last few years that there is NEVER enough rooms for ample lighting at bathroom vanities. NEVER! I swear…I feel like there is never enough room for a sconce that will produce enough light and still leave room for a decent size mirror.

Until now…

I have found my go to sconce!



{via Visual Comfort}


Why you say???

Well let me tell you!

ONE…tall and skinny! And when I say tall and skinny…I mean TALL and SKINNY!

23.5″ H x 5″W

Yep…you saw those dimensions correctly!

TWO…the backplate is only 3.25″ wide…which means you can squeeze this fabulous fixture in the tightest of spaces!

Here it is in the Johnson’s master bath!


johnson master bath 3

{Photo by Kathleen Murray}

We got a great size mirror and still were able to get a sconce between it and the trim!

So I want to hear it…what is your go to sconce???

Happy Friday!!

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