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On a recent behind the scenes tour of the Omni Hotel Nashville I was blown away! Now I knew there would be some local art, and a general feeling of being in music city. But I was AMAZED at how much attention to detail and work went into customizing this hotel. This is the first time I have seen a modern take on Nashville done SO well. I was in love from the moment I walked in, but I knew it was something I had to share when an hour later I was still “Ahh-ing” to every accommodation and design detail. Where do I even start!!


The exterior is modern, and fits right in with downtown. They even have a special lighting feature that can be seen at night. The colors change gradually and can be customized to promote events. The Omni is also the official partner of the new Music City Center which is right across the street (you may have seen it, it is a 1.2 MILLION square foot building that resembles a bird’s nest).  It really is a cool addition to Nashville and a must see!



When you enter into the lobby the focal point is the curved, wooden back wall. I didn’t need to be convinced that it was beautiful, but when I was told to look at it like the side of a guitar, it became brilliant! The design concept was based around the way a guitar is made, and the types of wood a guitar is made from. It takes a great designer to make people unconsciously feel connected with a design!



To my left is one of the waiting areas, and just one of the many unbelievable chandeliers! This one is made to resemble falling music notes (look closely).



This is one of the main hallways of the hotel. Artist Dolan Geiman created five panels of work that he titled “Nudie Suit Series”. These were works of art made out of salvaged wood, found objects, and other recycled materials that he had collected over time from the back roads of Nashville.



In another hallway you have a dedicated area for Nashville memorabilia. This was just one of the many tour suits that change in and out of the glass cases (Marty Robbins suit).




Kitchen Notes! This is such a fresh take on a “home-style southern” restaurant. Apple Betty pancakes, blackened shrimp Po’boy, and shrimp and grits are just a few of the restaurant’s options! The marble countertops, rustic woods, and industrial lighting make it feel like you’ve been here before, without being predictable.




The lighting and finishes in this place were UNBELIEVABLE!



OH, and did I forget to mention the BISCUIT BAR! Okay, we are officially in Nashville.



The Barlines restaurant and bar was another really new aesthetic for Nashville. The restaurant holds true to the deep woods and rustic finishes Nashville is known to treasure, but is that POP art on the wall!? Artist Hollie Chastain’s was commissioned to do 6 pieces reflecting southern icons. Her works of Dolly Parton, Johnny Cash, Hank Williams, Loretta Lynn, Willie Nelson and Patsy Cline are the true eye-grabbers in this restaurant.


Barlines at the Omni

Between the custom woodwork and the lighting, the Barlines Bar really speaks for itself! omnibar

Only in Nashville will you look at a piece of art on the wall and say, “Are those Sabian cymbals!”



Rhythm by Matt McConnell

If you are from Nashville you know this coffee shop! I was so pleased to see Bongo Java at the Omni. Bongo Java is a staple in Nashville, featuring locally roasted coffee beans and live music!


This is the Mokara Spa located on the 4th floor of the Omni. It is a full service spa that uses Omni’s signature spa brand so you never have to leave!



Mokara Spa


You enter through the main door onto herringbone tile. The entry features a half bath with storage space. To the left is a custom entertainment center with local Loveless Café art!



The living space is very modern, with a southern twist. Local art and finishes make it feel very cozy. Not to mention the view of downtown Nashville from the floor to ceiling windows. :O (there is also a dining area behind me)



The bedroom continues on with some of the same high-end finishes, and feels really unique. It also features a custom wood entertainment center with floor to ceiling views of downtown.


Look at this master bath! The lighting and tile work were truly impressive, not to mention the stunning granite. The attention to detail carried over into the stand up glass shower and the vanity. I wanted to get in..


To top off the Omni, they added the FIRST hotel rooftop pool in Nashville.


It has a wonderful view with two levels of seating. Wooden accents, plants, and warm textiles in the cabanas make this a wonderful spot for leisure.


The rooftop also features group spaces with fire pits for a year round spot!


Oh, did I mention you can’t go very far in the elevator without a room key? The Omni Nashville was such a nice glimpse into Nashville’s future. The hotel is a must see for anyone who thinks they know Nashville hospitality. This is truly a hotel that can’t be replicated. It is also LEED certified, which is the future of design. I am told the suites range from $2,500 to $5,000 a night depending, see you there! 🙂






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