Military Inspired Home Decor

In light of Memorial Day I thought I would highlight some beautifully designed military inspired home decor.  The clean lines and durable materials make these items extremely practical as they were built for war, made to withstand some of the most harsh conditions and will definitely be able to take a beating in your home. If you have dogs and children these are perfect items for you!


“The Inheritance Collection” by Stephen Kenn, an LA based designer uses re-purposed WWII materials to build fine furnishings.







The belts on the back of this sofa are an AMAZING detail!




So simple yet so perfect….






Jake Wright owner/designer of Stockpile Designs uses decommissioned military missiles to create one of a kind housewares.



Love these lamps!





Now this is a statement Piece!




A HUGE thank you to all who have served our country! I hope everyone has a safe and relaxing weekend!


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