May…in a Single Post

OHHHHH…where did the month of May GO?!?!?! I can’t believe it is already JUNE! I can already tell this summer is going to FLY by. I just don’t know where the time goes.

Since I only post ONE time in the entire month of May…I am just going to give everyone a little recap 🙂


#1. ERIC CHURCH and a creek

Well let’s just start the month off RIGHT!! And for me all this took with Cinco de Mayo and then a little Eric Church concert :))

Photo 1

Brian was really loving his Margarona!! I was really loving that cheese dip at the bottom :))

Photo 2

Photo 3

OHHHHHH…I just LOVE Eric Church!! SUCH a good concert!

Then the next day we took a little trip to the creek to cool off!! Yep…it was already HAWT the 6th of May…ughhhh!

Photo 4

Photo 2

Photo 1

This was TOTALLY me when I was her age!! We had a creek that ran through the Farm and we were in it EVERY summer!!!


#2. First trip to ATL

Well…honestly it wasn’t my first trip…but it was my first trip as the owner of my new company!! So needless to say it was pretty fun for me 🙂 I stay with a fabulous couple. Mike and Ida.


Aren’t they super cute?!?!?! Mike is Brian’s best friend…whom I had never met before this trip…and just took over their house for three days LOL! But they were the best hosts and I had a GREAT time with them while I was there!

I also took a little trip to ADAC to get my fabric collection going! BOY…you can spend ALL day EVERY day in that place!! I was in fabric heaven 🙂


That is just one SMALL pile!! I walked out with 8 bags full of fabric samples. I WILL be going back…next week in fact 🙂

I also went to see a client while I was down there. We are working on her living room, dining room and ripping out her kitchen!! Here are a few before pics…





Stay tuned for the finished project…it is going to be AWESOME!!!

So that was my trip to ATL…I am actually headed back there next week for another trip to ADAC for more fabrics…and better yet…to see Bunny Williams with some new pieces from her Beeline Home collection, a trip to the flea market, a client meeting and of COURSE I will have to catch a BRAVES game!! Haven’t been to one of those in over a year!!


#3. Iroquois Steeplechase 2012

This was one FUN filled day!! My good friend Bill Knestric with Knestric Contractors invited Brian and I to join him, Jodi and a few friends to join him this year!! Front row, box seat, AT the finish line…well of COURSE I said yes!!!!


Race of the Hounds



Bill and Jodi…the lovely couple who invited us!


Stephanie and Alan in the box with us



OHHH yes! My boyfriend has tractors and a martini glass on his jacket collar 🙂 And for the bowtie…


Jockeys riding elephants HAHA!! GQ to the max right here 🙂


I love my boyfriend! And apparently we were good lookin enough to make it into a Nashville magazine lol!! NFocus is a local magazine who covered the event. Bill actually just tagged these pictures for me this morning!


Look closely everyone…because my BOYFRIEND is photo bombing right between Jodi and Bill HAHAHAHAHAHA!! We have seriously been laughing about this ALL morning!


It was such a great time!! We will definitely have to do it again next year 🙂


#4. Trip to Memphis

Now I go to Memphis quite a bit…but this time I was there for an entire week!! It was SOOO great! I pretty much worked the entire time…but did take Friday off to play in the pool with S (Sienna) and have lunch with Kat, Emily and Joe.




Pool Time!!!


YUMMMMMM…lunch was soooo GOOT!!!


#5. Lake Time and Horseback Riding

Memorial Day Weekend…which of COURSE calls for some lake time!!!

Screen Shot 2012-06-02 at 12.13.38 PM



I just LOVE the water!!! And then Monday I had a 2 hour horseback ride and dinner with a FABO friend of mine Andrea Brooks! It was in Hohenwald, TN at Calico Junction Mule Ranch. We had a BLAST!!!!



Andrea on Gabriella and me on Duke! It was too much fun!!!



Yep…that is all I did for the rest of the month. Client meetings, vendor meetings, networking meetings…I was a busy bee!! Although…I guess I needed to since I played for the first half of the month :)))

So there you have it peeps!! My month of May in a single post! I hope you guys had a wonderful May as well!!! Happy Saturday!


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