Master Bedroom Addition

Hey Guys it been a while. Let me fill you in on what I have been up to lately….besides loving on my munchkin 🙂

My father has been dealing with MS for many years and recently it has become hard for him to function in my parents two story home.  We have been brainstorming about a master bed/bath addition on the lower level to make his living space more functional for him as the MS progresses. Their home was built in the 1920s so we are having to be very careful about making sure what I design is cohesive with the rest of their home. Not to mention…… I have the opportunity to design the addition with a talented architect named Matt Taylor….who was taught by the famous Frank Lloyd Wright!

There have been a few speed bumps as the project moves along, for instance we are having a difficult time having codes give us a building permit due to the set back. Apparently my parents house is listed under another address! The side of their house is considered the front of their house….you can imagine that this is not making things easy. I have a meeting with codes on the 21st and hopefully they will see that our 1920’s home was not built with the modern codes in mind.

Below are some preliminary drawings with the addition to the left side of the home. It is a work in progress, the roof line will not be as shown , I will be meeting with Matt to work on this Saturday so I will make sure to update you guys with the newest design! In the end we will have skylights,vertical landscaping and a live roof so it will blend right in to the trees. It will be such a nice addition to the neighborhood, I’m pretty Excited!


Everyone send good thought our way as we try to get the permit!

site plan 3

front 2 side 2

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