Juan Carlos unveils his plans for The Pyramid House

Architect Juan Carlos Ramos designed the “Pyramid House” for a design competition. The idea is finding successful design that is based on simple geometry. The residential project consists of triangular glass walls and a mostly open floor plan. This project is a wonderful example of how ancient building typology can be applied to modern day design.




Glass walls give you views of the surrounding landscape, and you are never short of sunlight!


The plans of the pyramid house include two bedrooms, two bathrooms, library, kitchen, garage, and recording studio. There is even a balcony at the top of the pyramid, right beside the library.



For the competition Juan Carlos used 3-DS Max, Photoshop, Forest, and many other programs to fully show a 3-D realistic rendering.


He really shows us that such things as cascading towers and steep roofs can be incorporated into residential housing. I think he has created a simple idea that is going to affect the way people view and design their homes in the near future.



Juan Carlos unveils The Pyramid House


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