Rainy Day + Book + Sofa = One Happy Girl

OK…so we have all heard that Borders is going out of business…TEAR!!!! But this means the deals are ON!!! So NOW is the time to get all those great books you have wanted for CHEAP!!! Not to mention that today was THE perfect day to curl up with a good book. I am usually not one to enjoy the rain…but we sure have had a lot of it here in Nashville lately. So instead of being gloomy…I have decided to put these days to good use and catch up on some reading. Here are a few of my FAV design books I think you guys might enjoy…


She is my favorite!!! This is truly a lady after my own heart!

Hoppen home

This is one AMAZING lady!!! And her home is proof of it!

Jan showers


Bobby mcalpine

Who doesn’t LOVE Bobby?!?!?!?


Crisp and clean = Victoria Hagan

Vicente wolf


Screen shot 2011-03-05 at 9.27.20 PM


Screen shot 2011-03-05 at 9.29.42 PM




Vicente wolf 2

Vicente has mastered the liveable modern style! Check him out!

Now that you know my FAV design books…here are a few of my favorites of all time…

When I am in the mood for a little history/mystery:

Tale of two cities

When I need a REALLY good laugh:


When I need a little GIRL POWER inspiration:

Eat pray love

When I need to be reminded of a LOVE that conquers ALL odds:

Redeeming love

When I need to be ENCOURAGED:

In a pit

Well there you go guys!!! You now have my FAVS I go to when I need a good book. I wish you happy reading on all the rainy days to come!


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