Antlers…every style can use them!!

SO…I am getting VERY excited…because one of my favorite seasons of the year is coming up…HUNTING season!!! YES…I like to hunt 😉 And I now have connect my favorite season to my JOB?!?! I am seeing antlers EVERYWHERE!!! Now when this trend first started…I thought…it would be fairly short lived. I may have been wrong […]

Top 10 Reasons for Slipcovers

Well you always have to have ONE rainy day at the beach…and the timing couldn’t be better…because I have been wanting to share some ideas on slipcovers. NOW…to be perfectly honest…I have never really liked the idea of slipcovers…but they have become all the rage lately and so I figured I should give them a […]

One last BEACH hoorah!

So it looks like summer is almost gone…TEAR! But this means we MUST have one last trip to the beach. So my family and I are headed out Thursday to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina…SOOO excited!!! And since I am getting one last trip to the beach this summer…I though I would share all my FAV […]

Black to Basics…

Hey, hey!! I am actually going to do my first post on actual DESIGN…and not just on ME ;)) Who is EXCITED??!?! So…since I am fairly new I will try to do at least two blog posts a week…hopefully more if I have time. I am pretty much trying to juggle two jobs right now. I […]


OK guys…here it is…my very FIRST blog post!! Since this is my first one, I thought I would tell you a little about all of my “FIRSTS”. I hope you all enjoy…some of these are pretty funny ;)) FIRST HOME: Well I think I got my interest in the design/construction world VERY honestly! My dad […]


Hey Guys!   OK…I know there has been nothing on this blog for the past week now…SORRY!! I promise I will get the site finished this weekend. I will have a REAL blog post up for you guys first thing Monday morning. Hope you enjoy!   lovest, amy d.