About Us

Amy McKinney - Headshot

Amy McKinney – Owner/Principal Designer

I am originally from North Carolina but moved to Nashville, TN when I was only 13 years  old. My parents would probably say I have been a designer since I was old enough to move my furniture around a room. Every couple of months, they would come home from work and I would have totally rearranged my bedroom. I was always thinking of better ways it could function to fit my needs. I grew up loving puzzles…which has carried over into my design career. I love taking the old things, the things my clients can’t do without, the things they love and creating new and functional spaces. Whether it is moving into a new home, renovating or building new, my goal is to simplify the process of creating and implementing unique but functional spaces that fits my clients needs and personality. The design process has been known to be a crazy, hectic, overwhelming ride that can leave new homeowners frustrated and worn out. My job is to not let that happen! I want all my clients to enjoy the process of turning wood, bricks and stone into a welcoming home  that is uniquely their very own. And I hope that next client is YOU!

Madeleine Wyatt - Headshot

Madeleine Wyatt – Senior Designer

I was born in Boston. Shortly after, we moved to Brooklyn and at the age of 3 my parents made Nashville my home.  In 2010 I graduated from MTSU with my Interior Design degree. I love every aspect of interior design and couldn’t think of anything I would like to do more. Making people comfortable in their interior surroundings on a daily basis is a great feeling! My love of design comes as no surprise as I was raised in a family of artists and designers. My mother went to the Museum School in Boston, dabbled in street performing and is now a teacher. My father is a luggage designer and has teamed up with my brother in creating a Made in America bag company located in East Nashville.  Needless to say creativity is in my blood!

Jeremy Vore - Headshot

Jeremy Vore – Intern

I was born and raised in the Nashville area. When I was 8 years old my mom married a contractor. The planning, designing, and behind the scenes work opened up a whole new world to me. I guess you can say that is when it all started. From then on I could not look at an exterior of a house without imagining an interior to compliment it. My obsession quickly turned into a passion, and the importance of creating beautiful and functional interiors was now my main goal. At age 18 I moved to Chicago with a dream and an acceptance letter to the Illinois Institute of Art. I spent 3 years studying Interior Design in Chicago before realizing Nashville was ultimately where I wanted to graduate and start my career. Last year I transferred to the Art Institute of Tennessee where I am finishing my bachelor’s degree. My ultimate goal is to take my diverse learning experiences and skill sets to serve the Nashville area with their design needs.