2014 Interior Design Trends

Just like in Fashion, Interior Design has trends that come and go. Every year most major Interior design magazines highlight what they predict will be trending this year, and hopefully for years to come. I decided to read through a few of my favorite interior design magazines and highlight some of the 2014 trends that I am excited about!

This is a really interesting trend highlighted by Elle Décor for 2014. The idea is that the kitchen is still one of the most important rooms in the home, and designers want it to do more than just function. This trend is made up of gemstone colored cabinetry, bold accents such as brass, copper, or chrome, and lit with unusual and elaborate lighting fixtures. Kitchens are slowly evolving into one of the most glamorous rooms in the home, and there is something to appreciate about that!




Everyone knows that greys and “greiges” are in right now. Just when a lot of us thought trends were going to lighten up a bit, black seems to be one of the most popular new colors for 2014. I think it is all about making sure you have good lighting, and mixed finishes that stand out against the black. It may seem gutsy to paint a whole room black, but it’s really worth considering if you have the right furniture and you want a new look at a low price.



There are some things in design that never change. Classic patterns such as Chintz, Toile, and Florals will always be around. However, modern takes on these patterns prove that there is more than just your grandma’s floral prints available. Designers are coming out with very new and timeless designs that complement the traditional patterns, but are also almost anti-traditional or abstract. This is definitely a trend everyone has either seen or will be seeing!



Okay, so I already thought my smartphone could do too much, but I am learning it can do even more. Some people already have their homes hooked up to a “smart home” app, which can control your home’s main systems. BUT, people have always been limited to controlling only one system from their smartphones. New technology makes users able to control many independent systems like lighting, locks, and even appliances. Very futuristic for 2014!



This is another trend that is a long time in the making, and I am glad people are talking about it. No longer do Interiors have to fit into a category! For so long people have been hung up on the idea that they have to choose one design style, such as “industrial” or “rustic” and stick with it 100%. There is no exact formula, and that is okay! It really is about what looks and feels the best. People should never be scared of being what I call “carefully eclectic” to make a room feel truly unique.




Outdoor fabrics have changed COMPLETELY in the last few years. I think 2014 will not only highlight these exterior fabrics, but also the new furniture that is being designed around them. You are now able to transition from your living room to your outdoor space, without sacrificing style or comfort. A few outdoor furniture companies worth taking a look at are Gloster, Bunny Williams’s new collection for Century, and Michael Smith’s collection for Brown Jordan. Not to mention the endless opportunities that fabric companies such as Sunbrella and Perennials give you for exterior fabrics. This should make you reconsider your outdoor space, and how to make it another functional and beautiful part of your home.



I think 2014 is going to be a big year for Interior Design. Many new trends are beginning, as well as coming to a close. Between new materials and technologies, our design world is changing faster than ever. It really is an exciting time to be in Interior Design. I hope this inspires you to update and create an inspiring new space of your own!




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