Furniture Mart High Point, NC

4 Designers, 3 iPods, 2 Relatives and Endless Fun = 1 Successful trip to High Point

SOOO…I know, I know…I have been home from High Point for HOW long and not blogged about it?!?!?! SLACKER ;))) Things have just been EXTREMELY busy!!! SO…I know I am late…but here you guys go!

There was one theme to my High Point experience…and that was LIGHTING!!! I feel like everywhere I went I saw AMAZING lighting…and not just from lighting vendors. It was everywhere…which just goes to show…lighting really can make the space. Whether it is your home, an office, restaurant or even just a venue…lighting DEF has a big impact!

So…what were my FAVS you ask???? Well here you go..


So this is one of the first pieces I saw…and just fell in LOVE with it! It is HUGE…I mean…LARGE scale people…but it totally makes the fixture! This is really a piece of art for your home…and who has it??? Global Views is where you can find it!


love these fixtures…I have seen so many versions…and they are ALL good!!! You can find this particular one at Robert Abbey.

And here is another great find from Robert Abbey…

How GREAT are these lamps?!?!?! They come in many different shapes…and SO many different colors (see all those colorful tiles…YEP…those are ALL the colors they come in)!!!

And the final find from Mr. Abbey…

This is SO RETRO!! Kind of a classy/sleek meets funky/contemporary…RIGHT??? WELL…whatever you want to call the style…it is FABO!!!!

MOVING ON…to another great showroom…CENTURY!!

This is a great fixture for those spaces where you don’t have a lot of head room!! It reminds me of an Oly fixture…which we all know I LOVE!!

Now this is what I call a FLOOR LAMP!!!! WOW…it is HUGE!! I noticed a lot of oversized floor lamps during market…do I smell a trend here??? Stay tuned…

I also love this ceiling fixture they mimicked after the above floor lamp…

I love the metal surrounding the paper shade…GREAT looking!!!! AND…I never thought I would say this (because I grew up in my mothers house…where everything was SHINY BRASS…YUCK)…BUT…I am totally coming around to the gold finishes!! NOW…I am still not fond of the shiny…but I do like the antiqued and the brushed gold finishes!!!

And we know I couldn’t get out of here without pointing out a GREAT Oly piece…

UMMM…by far the coolest sconces I have EVER come across!!! I mean…I have NOT a clue where I would put it…but it belongs somewhere!!!

And I know that this blog post is mostly lighting…but just to point out some other great finds…


LOVE this store…and EVERYTHING in it!

How cute are these???? They are children’s…and just to give you a little perspective…

They ARE small ;))))


Just a little rustic…

And of course I had to take a pic in the “O” of the HALO sign out front…


And last but NOT least…


Did you expect any less??? LOVEST my antlers!!!!

This is a GREAT sideboard…and it is HUGE!!!!

BUT…the highlight of Hickory Chair…

SUZANNE KASLER!!!! I just LOVE her…and she is SUPER nice!!!!

OK guys…there are just some of my FAVS from High Point!!!

Better late than never right?!?!?! HAHA!

Have a FABO nite!!


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